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Welcome to New Bethel Baptist Church 

What We Believe

Our faith is not without substance or reason. Growth in a relationship with God requires that we understand who God is and how God reveals Himself. 

Our Core Values guide us in our relationships with Christ and one another. 

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Metro Accessible:

We are easily accessible via metrorail  by way of the Shaw-Howard University Station on the Greenline. The stop is less than one block from the church at 7th & S Streets; 8th & R Streets


Limited parking is available on the church parking lot at the corner of 8th and S Streets, N.W. In consideration of those parked on the parking lot and city parking regulations, we ask that worshippers park only in properly marked spaces. Public parking is available on 9th Street as well as on the side streets of 8th Street and S Street, all of which border the church. Please observe the parking signs and regulations on surrounding streets before parking your vehicle in order to avoid parking violations.

Parking Availability and Times

  • 8th Street, NW (East Side) 12 spaces available after 6:30pm
  • 9th Street, NW (East side) 
  • Back-end Angled Parking entire block available on Sunday8am-2pm
  • 9th Street, NW (both sides) RFP expires after 8 p.m. Monday-Friday
  • S Street, NW (South Side) 4 spaces unrestricted Monday-Sunday
  • S Street, NW (North Side) 3 meter spaces available after 6:30 pm Monday-Saturday
  • R Street, NW (South Side) 6 unrestricted spaces


We look forward to meeting you!