Generous Giving (Acts 2:45-46)

We give generously to reflect gratitude, obedience and love to GOD, the giver of every gift, and intentionally invest in the Kingdom of GOD on earth. #Time#Talent#Treasure

We are extremely grateful for your dedication to our Lord Jesus Christ and His work in the Kingdom through your giving. Giving to the cause of Christ is a form of worship and we are humbled by your decision to plant into the Kingdom through New Bethel. Our prayer is that we will be excellent stewards of all of the Lord's resources, financial and otherwise, for the purpose of glorifying God through our efficient use of the resources He has given us.

We have established the ability for you to make a financial contribution online. This provides a convenient way to give once or on a regular basis. E-Giving provides you with the capability to:

  • Establish and maintain your personal user name and password.
  • Make debit card transactions.
  • View and edit your profile.
  • View your transactions and their status.

In addition to the above features, all E-Giving transactions are SECURE. Your information will be safely guarded and will be treated as strictly confidential. To establish or access your E-Giving account, please click on the icon below.



Next-Gen: Project Restore 

As we are working hard to restore the House of God, debt free we are asking each member to give $100.00 over and above their tithes and offerings to Next-Gen: Project Restore. Donations to Next-Gen: Project Restore can also be made through E-Giving. 


Please remember to always keep us in your prayers as well. We rely on the prayers of our Christian family all around the world for strength that will enable us to further the work of the Gospel.

Thank you!